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What is Enterprise Carrier Management?

Enterprise Carrier Management (ECM) is a methodology comprised of both software and service based solutions designed to help the key departments of your enterprise interact efficiently with suppliers and provide an optimal delivery service to your customers.  

When using a single or multiple carriers to deliver your products, a wide range of company departments are impacted and ECM is here to help you manage this more effectively. 

As a business's exposure to carriage increases, so does the requirement for staff to manage and oversee the various parts impacted by delivery. The warehouse, the customer services team, the accounts department, the ecommerce/web sales team and many more are impacted by delivery. A joined up approach championed by ECM is a way to ensure your business can succeed in an omni-channel future. 

ECM helps you deal with your carrier partners and your consignees, day to day and in a positive, pro-active fashion. It's to help you work better and closer with your carrier partners, no matter if that's direct or through GFS and our carrier management service. 

At GFS we have operated enterprise carrier management principles since inception and we have translated this into a suite of software to enable you to run the delivery side of your business. You can use this software yourself or employ GFS to manage certain aspects on your behalf.

GFS ECM - Software

GFS ECM integrates with a wide variety of enterprise resource planning systems (ERP), warehouse management systems (WMS), accounting systems, customer relationship management systems (CRM), multi-channel order management systems and also direct to your ecommerce website; for example Magento & others.

GFS ECM has connectors to multiple marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, notonthehighstreet.com, Etsy etc) and is compatible with your existing carrier import files. We also offer free consumer driven delivery option software to retailers of every size. Every integration is supported by GFS IT and our customer liaison department.

Enterprise Carrier Management gives you the visibility to take control of the entire supply chain. Leverage your supplier relationships and achieve the best possible performance for you and your customer.

GFS ECM can be installed in your own data centre or accessed through The Cloud. The choice & flexibility is yours.