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Delivery Options on your Website

GFS Checkout is software designed for a retailer to integrate on their website to offer customers a choice of delivery options, tailored to where they live in the UK and the rest of the world. 

After a few clicks through our GFS Checkout web portal you can offer low cost, nominated day express services, premium services such as pre-10, pre-12, Saturday & Sunday, and also a huge range of UK and European Click & Collect offerings. In fact, every service GFS offers through our carrier partners can be presented on your website, and no, you don't need to buy carriage from GFS to use it!

There's no need to code and change your website ever again to support a new carrier or service. Add GFS Checkout to your website, and you can control the services offered to your customers live and 24x7. You can be assured that your customers will only be offered a service they can actually get and on the date and time offered. GFS Checkout works in the background in conjunction with our GFS Expert software, ensuring that carrier's service capabilities are accurately matched to a customers location. 

You can also easily create rules through the GFS Checkout web portal. Define free delivery rules, size, dimensions, weights, order values, you name it, all can be done without any code on your website to support new carriers and services. 

GFS Checkout comes as a plug-in for generic ecommerce platforms such as Magento, but also as a widget to ensure customers can integrate quickly and easily but also change the look and feel to fit with your branding requirements. For the ultimate in customisation, GFS Checkout is also available as a RESTful API. GFS Checkout is available pre-integrated from a number of ecommerce platform providers

GFS Checkout is available free of charge to UK online retailers. To try GFS Checkout and get access to the integration requirements please register here.

GFS Checkout allows you to label your parcels through your existing shipping system - carrier or third party. Access to the GFS Checkout does not require the use of any other GFS service and can be accessed on a standalone basis.

Why use it?

GFS Checkout reduces shopping cart abandonment rates and drives sales upwards. Ensure you can deliver on your promise by greatly increasing the chance of first time delivery success and reinforcing your brand through a quality delivery service.

With GFS Checkout you directly control what delivery options are displayed - for example you may choose to display timed, next day, economy, click and collect, International services – all specific to the customer's individual delivery address. No matter where there they are located - in the UK, Europe or the rest of the world. Drive sales to International markets you may not be currently trading in, by quickly adding services from partners most suited to cross border ecommerce.

As well as allowing the consumer to pick the service which is most convenient for their needs, GFS Checkout ensures you present the correct shipping costs too. Thanks to integration with our accurate costing engine, you can be assured of charging the right price no matter the location of the customer. This reduces the possibility of disappointment by providing accurate dates/times of delivery and ensuring no further surcharges are levied. This also applies to some International services through the provision of landed cost/duty paid in the Checkout itself.

At any point if you decide to add a new carrier or service, this can be presented automatically during checkout with zero changes required to your website. GFS Checkout can easily be added to your website with minimal change and tailored to look exactly how you would like it to within your brand parameters.

GFS Checkout comes with a comprehensive management console which enables you to alter your delivery options at any given time, now, or in the future without costly technical support charges.